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🤓 country man is back on blogging after a short break. Mind is deviated to many other entertainment apps. Finally decided to give little attention to the reading and writing session. 😎sure I will come up with interesting subjects to discuss.


Chennai to Kodaikanal in Royal Enfield.

Two guys , one motorcycle , 2 days covered 1000kms . This journey was unplanned. We got the motorcycle and suddenly plan for a trip to the hills of Kodaikanal. Thanks to the wonderful climate which is not that hot and perfect for bikers.

The journey started at 6 pm , one fine Friday. We penetrate into the wonder and obstinate traffic in the city. Yeah we underestimated the traffic. That night we reached Trichy at 12 pm . We bikers didn’t get a room there and we slept in the fuel station

Miracle happened in the morning. We woke up at 4 . Oh my god that too without an alarm. Then we jump on the royal machine and head off to sree Ranganathar Temple. Perfect place , found a comfort station , had breakfast and went to Kodaikanal.

The hill ride was an unforgettable experience. Last time I went by car. But riding a royal machine here in the hills is a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed this ride. We left the place on the very next morning. Riding a motorcycle in that hills in the morning was doing a meditation and reaching to a level of higher pleasure. Yeah , the temperature was 14 degree. Cold wind from the downhill made me freeze. But the engine was super hot to balance the temperature. Thanks to my jacket too. We followed the palani route and reached palani at 12 . Finally returned to Chennai at 9 pm Sunday.

Explore the Yelagiri hills.

I don’t know how the journey to my colleague’s marriage function turns to Yelagiri trip. Four members of our team actually planned for the marriage trip and two were dropped the plan in the last minuté. Then we altered the plan because we have ample time to cover both Yelagiri and marriage. The drive I drove the narrow road with 14 hair pin turns. Beautiful hills replete with nature’s green at its best. I suggest you guys to drive slow in this road. Many monkeys cross the road and there might be a chance of hitting them. The hill is about 1000 ft from the mean sea level. Our Volkswagen polo was energetic at that time and carry us to the top. The lake and the foodThere is a wonderful lake in the top of the hill. The another special thing is the fish fry that you can buy from this area. A medium size fish is rupees 80 and the big one is 100. These are really large in size, unfortunately I don’t have a photograph to display.Games and Nature park There are small games like zip line, shooting, climbing etc . Both kids and guys who like adventure can enjoy. There is also trekking area for adventure lovers apart from this. How to get there

It is only a 95 kms from vellore to Yelagiri. Take the NH 46

Padmanabhapuram palace, journey to the former state of Travancore..

Found an old photograph from my old phone. Yes I remember this one , I took this from padmanabhapuram palace. You can enjoy the ancient kerala architecture “naalu kettu” . Beautiful pillers with art works, a small pond near the palace. This palace is situated in Thakala, near Nagarcoil , Tamil Nadu . I visit this palace on 2015 . This is now a museum replete with old swords,art works and some instruments used in old times.

#dravidianarchitecture #nithinsuria #padmanabhapuram #heritage #palace

The smule singer

Unlike the olden days it is so easy to express your talents 😃 no stage needed , no support from famous people are needed . The only thing you should do is take ur phone and perform. 🤓one can make a short film , write , sing ,dub 🤓 anything you can do with your smart phone. 🤷🏻‍♂️so why are you waiting for ? Go and perform 😎 . Here I share one of my video that I performed in smule application. Thanks to that cute lady for joining with me #smule #singer #nithinsuria #tamilsong

World photographer’s day 

  I’m 27 years old. But my interest in photography is not older than 4 years. Yeah true . I recently got interested in photography. I was a careless student at schools.  Do not want to observe the things around me and I will always in my dream land.  

     I don’t know how I developed an interest in photography. I started searching for world famous photographers and their works. Learned about that and learn how to take a picture with perfection. Thanks to all videos in you tube helped me to understand what photography really is. Last year I got my first DSLR cam.  Started taking pictures. I believe this journey won’t going to end.  

Chennai @40s

A sunny day . I took a walk , half Kms approximately . The footpath sales of water melon and fresh juices feels like heaven in these hot summers . After a small walk my body is in need of something to cool . I went to a footpath juice seller guy near the famous Loyola College. A tall man with a short beard,  He  smiled at me and asked what juice you want ? . I returned his smile and asked for water melon.  Meanwhile i noticed a short guy who was picking the used plastic cups from the dust bin . Why he is collecting these “uncrushed ” cups? .. are they reusing it ?? .. omg.. I asked the short guy “why you collecting this?”. He said collecting and arranging cups one over the other will increase the space of the bin because they have only one bin . I didn’t go for an argument because i am not good in local Tamil language to argue.

My juice was ready. I gave the money and took my juice, but my mind was not ready to drink. I was still thinking and watching  that short guy. kinda hard to trust that guy . His eye contact was very poor while giving reply to my question.  I took my phone from my pocket and noticed the time . It was 1:30 . and the other thing i focused is the temperature of Chennai is displayed as 40 c. I had a juice in my right hand and phone showing 40 c temperature in left hand . what am i supposed to do??. well.. i made a decision finally and let it be a secret.

God’s own country – kerala

  It will be funny if someone edit this photograph and paste a smart phone to his hand. I took this photograph during my journey to wayanad and it was a timing click. As a photographer i dont want to edit my photograph and make fun of it. 

   It is a different experience travelling in forest areas especially in the western ghats.  Nature’s greenish painting in the hilly canvas covered with mist and chilling climate gives a freshness in each breath we take. Unlike the city life its very calm and quite and gives a deep relaxation to the mind.  Observe nature and remove your footware and walk barefooted for a while, feel mother nature. 

    The fact is i feel that i spend a very little time in this beautiful place. Imperfection in planning and timing always accompany my trip so these days i travel without a plan. 

nithin suria 

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